CodeaProjectBuilder - A Codea build machine

Hey Codea users!

If you’re like me and want to be able to do all your game development on your iPad, including the integration of mp3 music or GameCenter add-ons, and never have to go to your computer, CodeaProjectBuilder is for you!

Recently, I started thinking about using Jenkins (an “open-source continuous integration server”) and realized I had all the tools required to setup a Codea build machine on my mac.

Everything used is completely free. I tried to get the installation instructions as clear as possible so that everyone can install and use this build machine.

You can download CodeaProjectBuilder and follow the installation instructions on my GitHub at

Let me know if you face any problems with the installation so I can improve the instructions, and tell me what you think!

I plan on creating new compatible add-ons like GameCenter very soon.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Here’s a YouTube video showing what you can do once you have CodeaProjectBuilder up-and-running :

Very cool, Can’t wait to play with this.

@jfperusse, looks nice. I am unsure how to get the absolute path to my Dropbox folder. How do I find the /users/-----/ url?

EDIT: just realized it meant on my computer. got it working

Very,very cool, this sounds really powerful to fully feature Codea apps, will give it a try

Very cool. Nice job!

@JakAttak, glad you got it working! I’m working hard improving the build machine and add-ons, let me know if you have any issue or suggestion!

The only suggestion I have is make more add-ons :slight_smile: This is invaluable for those of us who want to do everything on our iPad

I hate turning on the mac more then anything. With this, I just leave it running in a corner of the office :

@JakAttak, of course! I will soon be adding more functions to the GameCenterAddon so that we can actually unlock achievements and send scores to the leaderboards. I plan on converting the iAd add-on, exposing more AVAudioPlayer functions, etc. Any specific add-on you have in mind which should be added in priority?

@Briarfox, exactly! Having the possibility of leaving a mac turned on and taking care of the builds automatically makes the development of Codea apps even more enjoyable and saves time for more creativity :wink:

The top ones I think would be GameCenter, iAD, and iAP

(I did a bit of housekeeping @JakAttak)

@JakAttak Ah! So many messages!

@JakAttack I think I get it :wink: I’ll add iAP to my list :slight_smile:

@jakattack u have problems whit your connection ??

Oh my. Sorry guys, 5 posts… @Simeon I think the forum bug is back.

yes, today i have the same problem , but now is good @jakAttack

Alright, full-featured MusicAddon is now ready. You can do everything you would be able to do with the AVAudioPlayer.

You can get the files here :

New documentation here :


@jfperusse i just discover your work now. This is amazing stuff! Anything new since october?

@jfperusse This is awesome. Good contribution for someone so new!

Hi and thanks! Nothing new yet :frowning: Been spending a lot of time with our baby :slight_smile:

Since Codea 2.0 is coming really soon, I think it’s best to wait after its release to see if the build machine still works. I know the MusicAddon might not be necessary anymore.