I just finished porting Flixel’s FlxInvaders example to Codea. Only took a few hours over the last day or so, but helped me write a couple of nice general purpose classes (like an Actor class with velocity, collision detection, animated sprites, etc). I’ll post the code later today, just need to tidy it up a little. For now, here’s a video:

@frosty, wow, well done. Looking forward to seeing the code and learning from it.

Nice! Looks awesome!

That looks great. Looks like direct touch controls? (i.e., the hero stays under your finger). I always find direct touch controls make iPad games more pleasing.

Nearly! Rather than directly touching the ship, its x and y change based on the delta movement of your finger. Slide anywhere on the screen to move the ship, tap anywhere to fire.

This may make the game too easy because you can move pretty quickly!

Just realised a problem with posting the source - it’ll currently only run on the 1.3.7 beta!

Smooth :slight_smile: I liked it. The animations are funny! .thanks