codea xcode template for desktop application?. something slightly off topic

hola one and all,

been a while since i have been on here, actually a while since i have used codea, due to using LÖVE2D for some big games. its fun and going well.

one main question i would like to put out for people to hopefully come back with some answers or solutions.

i have been using lua/love2d for a while, and whilst its cool etc, its very light on security of files when you distribute them. im not 100% bothered, but would like an option to protect things, if i want to. there is the ‘luac’ path. but as far, im looking at other options.

but what im more getting onto has not got anything to do with love2d. but more lua, and the coding of it in an IDE, or very much so, sublime text because its awesome.
i have been scouring the web looking for ways to use ‘just’ lua, to code my applications, very much like codea’s xcode template - but i want to do it for both desktop and mobile devices. i guess in the same vain as what ‘openframeworks’ can do to some degree.

now, im just having a bitch of a time just able to ‘find’ something that will help in me just using xcode, or more sublime text to build and launch an application like in the way that codea does it. maybe im not wording it right, but would have thought i could of found something.
but just finding something that will let me use lua in the way i have been on codea to make cool shit has become something of an annoyance.

id rather stick to lua, then maybe put it to other languages. but since lua can actually deal with application building and also for games, i would have figured there would be something to help.

if anyone can help, i would be very happy.
im asking on here, since the majority [i guess] is mac related, and has possibly anked that same question. plus this forum is for lua based antics :wink:

but to sum it all up
i want to use xcode/sublime text as my IDE for developing lua games for both desktops and mobile, much like codea [though i know the codea template doesnt do desktops.


im looking to use codea in a desktop application production way, not just using a desktop application to make the padi stuff.

so really, codea for desktops.

but as i said and have looked at for posts that other have put. i feel a full blown application is over-doing it. since there are IDEs already, no point in making another. i feel just a template would be the best option. it keeps the aim towards using what codea works with, and not taking the attention away from the padi.

if you want to work on a desktop version of something, that would be cool. plus if you could do a copy/paste to code and use it for both desktops and touch devices. that would be very cool.

you would in turn convert many users and also people who are thinking of lua with say, xcode. because its a bitch already to get up and running. so a template like the codea one made for desktops would be a big dealer breaker for a lot of folks to start lua right away, including myself

actually. i think i can make this MUCH easier.

could someone help me convert the xcode codea template into a desktop enabled version, rather than the ipad?

i have had a go, but feel im just pissing in the wind.

many thanks

possibly @simeon since he has been ‘the guy’ in codea :wink:

@smokingbunny I believe there are plans for a Mac version of Codea.

oooh, sounds good.
i mean, even a xcode template i feel would be fine. but thats just me. keep it simple and straight forward.

i love working with love2d, but the distribution is light on security. as in, you can pretty much get the code from all creations.
but a codea platform would be nice. i really want to use lua more, but for desktops as well as pad devices.

but as said, i feel just a template would be more than enough. then every-now-and-again it get updated along with codea.
if there is a separate version, as in a new application, i think that would take the padi version down a notch.

i vote for just a template :wink:

anyhow, feel like im rambling :wink:

I think you will need a tutorial on converting an iOS Xcode project to an OS X one. I don’t know any details, but I can’t imagine it is a direct port, considering the change in device inputs, etc.

aye, thats actually what i did ask on my second comment. it would be great to get some help on it. a template is the way to go i think

though, yes the direct port would not work. in openframeworks, thats the same. you can use the same code, but just have to change things slightly.

@smokingbunny you can use Air Code

If you export a codea project to Xcode, you can then recompile the lua changes in Xcode and run it on the simulator. It is really slow though, so I stick to programming on an ipad with my bluetooth keyboard.

aye, i know that. its cool [but xcode is heavy true] that you can do that. but remember, its not for making it for the padi, its for making desktop games. just using the codea framework.

oooh. after some dicking and working with different ‘how-to’ sheets. i got it to build. which is brilliant, because its taken so long to do so.
but, it works. all of it

if anyone fancies the application of it, then just ask. i am planning to put a mac download on my site. because im guessing more than a few would not like to go down the path of terminal commands :wink:

so… after some dicking around. and also my own ‘oooh, what to have a look at’ attitude. i had decided to try and run polycode again
surprisingly, i got it to build first time, weird, since it hasnt in the past.
but this framework allows for both c++ and lua in a better framework than trying it vanilla style. plus has box2d and all other manner of things. if youre the type to try new things, give it a look-see

im still trying the do the standalone build for it, but have run an example, so thats goods. but am going to look at using it further to do more lua based things for desktops. plus polycode with also have IOS/android support soon.
so this might be an option for the time being i guess.

i dont want to take anything from codea, since its lovely. but i can now work with lua on desktop in a way that suits what ive been looking for.