Codea Videos Compilation

Hi everyone. I’ve put together a little compilation video of some of the great examples posted here. I couldn’t include everything, but chose ten that worked well together.

Here are the examples featured:

Breakout - Andy Newton
Conway's Game of Life - jguice
Abduction - Juan Belón Pérez
Particles - phyces
Mágica Gems - Juan Belón Pérez
Trees - Nat
Enduro - Rui Viana
Crillion - Rui Viana
Zombies! - Andy Newton
Piano - Fred
(And of course, Bortels' font rendering in many, 
         though Breakout and Zombies(?) does its own)

Thanks to everyone for making such awesome games, simulations, toys and experiments. I wish I could include them all – and will probably have to make another video later on.

For those whose demos were included, can you let me know if you would like me to change your attribution in the video description. For some of you I couldn’t find names so I used your forum or twitter handle, let me know if you’d like it changed.

I’m glad to be part of this awesome compilation, thank you!! :-j

Me too, thanks.

It’s about time for an update. How about we have a competition for the best video or something? IDK.

Simeon, Where can I get the code for Piano - Fred?

Hi @Georgian, I can’t find it either, but it needs rewriting anyway… I’ll let you know when it’s done. @Zoyt, good idea on a video, if nothing else would be fun to watch on YouTube.

Hi @Georgian, here is a rewritten (messy) version of Piano especially for you:

Then I found the old one in this thread!

Fred, Thank you very much. :slight_smile: