Codea URI Scheme

The idea popped into my head, GlyphBoard ( has a way of creating a home screen link to an internal resource on your iDevice. Seems, if it could be duplicated, you could create a link on your home screen directly to a project in Codea. Might be fiddly at first having to require the Internet connection on the first run, or not… Dunno.

seems really cool but how would you link it to a project. As far as i know, GlyphBoard is for iOS settings.

That’s an interesting idea.

@veeralp the way it would work is someone could open a link like Codea://edit/ProjectName — this would cause Codea to open and immediately be editing the specified project. Or you could do Codea://run/ProjectName to immediately run a project.

You could use these URLs with apps like Launch Center Pro to quickly open projects.

Implementing this, however, would cause Apple to get suspicious and put Codea into review for a long time. (This happened when we added a URL to support Dropbox login without being clear about what it was for.)

I was thinking immediately running, without the little debug arrows in the corner, but same difference.

I can’t imagine other doc-based apps haven’t thought of this, and we haven’t seen any of those, so…

As to Dropbox, was the issue related to the current problem where you can’t have links to external sources where you can buy things (namely more Dropbox space)? I’m not sure of the laws so don’t even know exactly where Apple would get you on this; but this would be outside of the norm, so I agree it probably would sit for a good long time.

Listening to Gruber’s show and lo:

This could be a very quick work-around

I’ll be quiet now.

In the same way I did my tutorial here:
I think I mentioned this idea long ago. I hope you add it!

Maybe also Codea://openin/URLtomedia

This would be awesome if you add it!