Codea Universal App?

Hello everyone!

I’m looking at the Codea App for quite a while now.
Recently I read somewhere that the Dev is working on Codea for the iPhone! :open_mouth:
I’ve got some questions!

Any estimated release dates?
Nothing specific, a rough date would be cool! :slight_smile:
(So wen can start the hype train :wink: *choo choo)

My second question, will the iPhone version run on my iPhone 7 Plus?

And my final question. If I buy Codea now, do I get access to the iPhone version as well when it releases?

Really hope someone could shed some light into this for me! :smile:

Cheers guys!

Hah good timing. I’m working on it right this minute

The release plan for universal Codea is to update the existing app to support universal (so everyone who owns the iPad version gets it for free)

In my testing so far plus-sized iPhones are much better than something like the iPhone SE for Codea

Edit: DM me your email if you’d like to beta test what the current state is like on iPhone, then you’ll be able to see how much is left to go

That’s great to hear!
I’ll go ahead & buy it then. Because I’m sure the 7 Plus is big enough. Just wanted to make sure my Phone will be compatible. It’s way bigger than the SE :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer! :open_mouth:
(EDIT: I’ve sent you my email! :))

@NymphCore I just invited you. You’ll have to install version 2.7.6 (148) to get it on iPhone (it’s very slightly older than the current App Store version because during the beta I enable phone functionality then disable it again for release)

Edit: under “Beta Settings” in the settings sidebar on the main screen you will find an option to enable “New Code Editor” — this code editor is the one planned for universal but it’s not complete, it would be good if you tried it though

Thanks again!

Gonna fiddle around with it later, but I did some simple stuff. Looked around for a bit & for sure, Codea is one really awesome piece of software! Also it looks pretty as hell! :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work, looking forward to this!

Okay so I July I turn 15 and my parents are getting me a phone.

And I would like to know if these is a chance that it will be out by then or if I will need to become a beta.


@pac you can join the beta if it’s not out by the time you get a phone

Okay thanks

this code editor is the one planned for universal but it’s not complete

It’s looking pretty scmick. What’s left to do (aside from an option to disable line wrap :smiley: )? Is it not good enough to release yet?

@distortum mostly it needs working Find and Replace, and I will probably have to throw away the old iPad-only one and build something that’s a bit more scalable

It needs the ability to create new tabs (rename is in but that needs a more explicit option in the menu)

Finally the Shader Lab just needs an update to work on tiny screens. That’s nearly done

And after all that I want to switch Codea over to the business model we use for Shade: free with one-time purchases. (Existing users will just get rolled into having the paid version.)