Codea Type App for Android?

Are there any apps similar to Codea but for the android OS, and for android apps?

Not really lua based as most of them are simple console programmes for lua but other languages sure.

Right, it would have to be java based for android. Do you know of any?

Search the Google Play market for “Compilers.” There’s actually a full-blown SDK compiler for Android.

I know it’s not what you’re looking for, but if you have any experience with the Android SDK, you can create much more powerful programs than by using scripting languages.

That’s probably what I’ll do eventually, I think for now I am going to stick with iOS until I have a few apps completed.

Yeah u was looking for some too but no luck so far…
I really want buy a samsung galaxy tab 2 because my stupid ipad 1 is kinda outdated :frowning:

I have had several Android tablets and a few iOS devices now…

I would not recommend the SGT2. If you really want to get a 7" tablet, get the Nexus 7. Or get an iPad Mini. After going through 4 of them, with various problems, I will NEVER AGAIN buy a Galaxy Tab.

Never. Again.

I did a lot of research on tablets before I bought my iPad 2, and I’d say if you went android for the 7" category the nexus 7 is the way to go, and for the 10" category I always liked the look and design of the ASUS Transformer w/ docking keyboard.

I’d like to hear more about your reasons against SGT2? Just to know.

  1. Proprietary power cable.
  2. Proprietary power ADAPTER. Yeah, you’re not gonna charge it with any of your other USB adapters. Same plug, but Tab1 and Tab2 both fail to charge on anything but a Samsung charger.
  3. The OS is out of date and doesn’t get updates. (This is Android’s biggest problem: lack of uniform updates.)
  4. Lower resolution than the Nexus tablet.
  5. Slower than the Nexus tablet.
  6. Software bugs. Lots of bugs.
  7. Battery life on the Tab2 isn’t that good. Again, the Nexus and iPad are superior.
  8. Oh, and Samsung’s UI? Terrible.

The Nexus 7 simply outclasses the Galaxy Tab all the way around. It’s not even a contest - they’re just not playing in the same league.

But I would still get an iPad mini over either tablet. As nice as the Nexus 7 is, the slightly bigger screen and the better apps available on the iPad Mini still make this the best small tablet out there.

And let’s not forget that you’ll have to replace ALL your apps. Most of the apps I use are on both platforms, but your iTunes movies, Amazon Instant video, and of course Codea don’t exist in the Android world.

@tomxp411 - You said it.

Thnks @tomxp411

go Apple! (or is it Banana, @Jmv38? ) :wink:

@Ignatz. I still think android is a better OS - android 4.2 and up is pretty awesome. the only reason I bought an iPad mini is for the apps. Garage band has no equal on any mobile platform.

Isnt there a 10 inch version of the galaxy tab 2? And why is the nexus 7 better than the galaxy tab?

The nexus also has a 10" version.
Basically Google makes android and Google also makes nexus, so naturally Google is going to have the tablet that works best with the OS and have the newest tech (ie. Android Beam)

I personaly don’t have a nexus, I have my ipad 2 and love it.
I also bought a used nook tablet off of ebay and then rooted it and put cyanogenmod on it.

@Jessevanderheide everything on my post above is an issue that the Nexus 7 does better than the 7" Galaxy Tab.

As to the 10" versions… Samsung actually manufacturers the Nexus 10. The prime difference there, however, is still going to be software. Samsung has their own interface layer that sits on top of Android. Aside from the inconsistency in firmware updates, this is the single biggest problem wtih Android: nobody actually likes these custom UI layers, but manufacturers insist on putting them in anyway.

Here, however, as other people have pointed out, the Asus Transformer 2 is a better tablet than the Samsung. The Transfromer has that really, really cool keyboard that turns the tablet in to a laptop when you want it. I had the first-gen Transformer, and I can’t even begin to tell you how nice it is to have that when you need it.

But the down side of Android tablets is still the inferior software: there simply isn’t a lot of good software on Android in the tablet space. Now other people may have different uses for their Android tablets than I did, but here’s where I ended up (and why I bought an iPad).

Music writing/composition: not a lot of choice there. SunVox is a good tracker-style editor, and there are couple in that vein. Real-time sequencing is impossible because Android does not have a low-latency audio system like iOS does. This is also an are where Apple desktops are still stronger than PC desktops.

Writing/Office: iWork is still a strong productivity suite. Android does have some good apps, however. Obviously, Android’s Dropbox and Google Apps integration is better than iOS.

Artwork: iPad stil wins if you want to paint or draw.

Games: I simply don’t play games on mobile devices. Can’t help much there… but it does seem that the game market on iOS is still superior.

Connectivity options: this has always been one of Apple’s strongest areas. With the dock interfaces and the dongles that give you HDMI and VGA output, the iPad just lays waste to ANY option on Android. I’m going on a business trip next week, and I’ll be able to plug my iPad right in to the TV at the hotel with a $40 dongle. While some Android devices have HDMI jacks on them, none offers the full range of docks and interfaces that iOS does.

Screen size: the iPad still has a 4:3 aspect ratio. This is so much better for text content: books, comics, web pages, It’s obviously not as good for movies, but I’m really not having problems with the letterboxing on my 8" iPad Mini compared to my 7" tablets.

Now if you want to buy an Android tablet to supplement your iPad, be my guest. There ARE some nice Android tablets out there. But if you’re going to replace your iPad with an Android tablet… you’ll probably find yourself disappointed and wishing you could go back to iOS.

Are there areas where Android is better? Definitely. In the small-screen space (5" and under), I still prefer Android. I like having the app drawer, so I don’t have to have all my apps on the desktop. I really like the fact that the Android OS is, conceptually, more like a desktop OS, and you can transfer files to any computer without the need for an in-between app like iTunes. (That’s my single biggest complaint about iOS, and it always has been. That whole thing is just STUPID.)

But when it comes down to it, any computer is only as good as its software, and I still think iOS has Android beat in terms of its app ecsystem.

Now if you really want to get a non-Apple tablet for programming, consider the Windows 8 tablets. You don’t need a Codea-like appw when you can just load Visual Studio and write in a real, compiled language with all the advantages of the .Net Frameowork. Honestly, I think Microsoft has the best application framework and development environment in the world, and if I could use MSVS and DotNet to write iPad apps, I woud do so in a heartbeat. (Well, there’s the $1000 a year Xamarin subscription, but I’m not made of money…)

@tomxp411 thanks for the explaination why ios is better, but one more question is ipad 1 gonna be codea supported in the next few update?

@Jessevanderheide - While I don’t have an iPad 1, the next sups ate still runs on iOS 5, so probably.

I think I remember a while back Simeon saying something about using a program to make Codea runnable on Android…

Also, @Ignatz @Jmv38 again, cherimoya? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s amazing how many things come up when you Google “weird fruit.”