Codea task for beginners please :)

Hello there!

I’m a lot newbie in programming. I would like to know if there is some task or homework (don’t know how to call it, english is not my main lang) to work on so I could practice in Codea.

I was reading some Lua documentation and I think i just need some ideas to start practicing. Wanna help? Thanks!!!

@lightblueyes Tap on the Wiki at the top of the page. That will take you to some tutorials and other interesting things.

These might help get you started.

What I do is I take each new thing that I learn and add it to one project. For example I first learned about the shape functions, so I made a ball. Then when I was learning the codea built in physics I made the ball a physics object and so on.

I use the project as proof that I understand a topic and inspiration as to what to learn next.

@lightblueeyes - I’ve written a lot of stuff, hopefully some of it will help you

Hey! Thanks for your answers guys!

@Ignatz I already read your eBooks, they are permanent books on my iPad. Thanks for that! I think I’m a lil slow on creativity, so I don’t know what to do to start. I mean, I don’t know what project to work on lol. I always write some balls that grow with a FOR or things like that. I’m looking for something to work on lol. Sorry!

@lightblueyes, Try looking at my thread, ‘The 50 Line Challenge’, It should give some inspiration

that’s it, thanks!!