Codea Sync for Mountain Lion

I was reviewing what’s new in Mountain Lion and ran across this post. It says that Mountain Lion includes an iCloud API. So here’s my thinking:
TLL creates a Codea Sync app for Mountain Lion with the API. Then TLL can update it to do things like export to Xcode, or whatever. Then if TLL wanted to go farther, enable us o create our own problems for it. Feel free to shun me and make me feel rejected, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

The iCloud is for documents - not apps. Apps still have to go thru the apple approval process. The icloud api would be a way for Codea to save your code to the cloud - so you could share between, say, your ipad and iphone, or multiple ipads you own. But not with others.

it might be nice to expose the icloud api for our own apps (so you could save to project storage, global storage, or the cloud); I don’t know what apple’s stand is on that, but I expect they’d encourage it (as they sell extra disk space).