Codea Routines

Hi All,

Love the Spritley application and I’ll be playing with it for some time. But, it made me wonder if there isn’t a way to call the routines built into Codea itself. There is a very good, intuitive colour selector for the graphic calls - wouldn’t it be easy just to call the existing routine. All you’d need would be some kind of interface so that you can legally call the language code?

Another thought - the above routine opens another small window over the existing window, is there any routine built into Codea to effect that?

Final thought/question - I can see how to switch page with ‘buttons’ so you can have an instruction page, high score page and game page - but does anyone know how we can implement the finger slide from one page to the next?

Hope someone can enlighten me.


@John was thinking we could add a colour parameter type. So in the parameter list you get a standard Codea colour picker.

Your last question is definitely do-able. @John’s physics test project is probably the closest thing. Each screen is isolated in its own Test class that gets swapped out when you change the parameter.

Ive actually been thinking about this feature for a while (I call it cards). Right now, the easiest way to do it is with clip(), but then everythings is still running in the background. With my game I’m working on (which I am hoping to be able to submit to the app store from Codea), I really would like to have cards enabled. And about the color picker, how about you allow is to integrate your built on color chooser that we use in the editor into our programs?

Hi Folks,

I’m with @John on the colour parameter. May be a good idea to add an option for a colour picker (true or false) so that you could also use the dialogue to select existing colours within an image. Useful if you are writing an image manipulation program or a painting package.
I like the idea of the screen class - however, thinking of Zoyt’s approach, is there anywhere I can read up on the memory management of the iPad; you know screen memory and application memory mapping. How is it done? Are all initiated applications running and is there any easy way to measure the free memory available from within your development system?

Thanks for the help.

I was thinking like at the tip of the screen, when you tap the + icon, it would have a new option “Card”. Tap that, and it gives you a new loop in the main for that card. The you can say changeCard(card name). Not a very good idea, but it’s off the top f my head.

Oh. Little tired today. I hve a cold. :frowning:

@Zoyt: you can implement your cards idea with classes, can’t you? Look at how the example physics project switches between examples. Is that what you mean by “card”?