Codea Project list


I’m looking to create a one stop repo that links to Codea projects, tutorials and general tips and tricks. This will include links to gists, repos and forum posts.

I’m scouring the forums looking for links and could use some help. This is going to take a community effort to keep it up to date. I’m looking for people that would like to help admin the repo.

If you’d like your project listed please open a ticket or create a pull request.


I do realize that there is the Codea wiki but I believe it may be easier for users to use the submit a ticket on the repo to get their projects added.

Welcome back!

There are lots of links (and all of mine) in the wiki link above.

Hi, good to read you! How does this fit with CC? Isnt it somewhat redundant?

@Ignatz Thanks :slight_smile: My LUA has gotten very rusty, but I’m now proficient in python and C#! I’m grabbing stuff off the wiki now, I know I hated updating that thing, using a repo is just easier for me :slight_smile: Just a though, if it’s not used, no big deal.

@Jmv38 It may be, but I’ve been out of the loop for a bit and am unsure how much use CC is getting. The new Codea-SCM looks promising. IMHO nothing compares to git repos for projects, they make it much easier to work on new features and are an awesome platform for open source projects. CC only tracks projects stored on CC. If git catches on there will need to be an easier way to track projects.

@Briarfox thanks for your anwer! If you want a list of links to code with a title, you can pull what is in my codeaShowcase project. I’ll give you a link or post it below if it fits.
Here is a gist with my last version
In the last tab ‘Links’ you find a list of projects.

@Briarfox, I think what you are trying to do is replacIng wiki with a github repo. Or at least, part of the wiki that has to do with examples of code. I like the idea. I think people will still more often come to the forums and ask for code snippets here, but at least there will be a better organized place to refer them to.

@juce Yeah I’m hoping it will be a little easier to organize. Thought it might be nice if git catches on.

@Briarfox - I doubt git will catch on with most Codea users. (I confess I still have no idea how to use repos myself).