Codea on PC? Possible?

Would there be any chance that the codea IDE could see a windows appearance? I would love to be able to code and test from my pc. Might be a pipe dream but thought I’d ask :slight_smile:

Mac is more likely than Windows at this point (it’s a shorter jump from iOS), however I’d really like to move to a cross-platform runtime in the future.

Hi @BriarFox,

There is a wrapper for running Codea code on a PC called Lovecodea (see link below)

It does not completely emulate the Codea feature set but covers most (prior to version 1.5). I use it regularly on Notepad++ and I find it a useful development environment.

Thanks to the work of @Codeslinger it’s a neat package and relatively easy to use. Even got Cargo-Bot to run under it.

I hoped to get it updated but it’s too much to ask Codeslinger to do, and I don’t think I’m up to it.

Good luck with it, should you decide to try it out.



Thanks guys! I had forgotten about LoveCodea. Got it working rather well. @simeon do have the Codea spritepacks hosted anywhere?

loveCodea is limited by the capabilities of Löve and also by what I want it to do. It started when I found loveCodify and that somebody had written a Codea version of the Asteroyds board game. Then came Cargo-Bot and it was absolutely fantastic and it seemed to be within reach as Löve also uses Box2D as its physics API. Sometimes I’ve got strange interests, so the last thing I did was to add some of the parameters of Codea 1.5. My next goal? Find some spare time …

You can find the sprite packs either in the runtime on github or you extract them from the Codea.ipa file on your PC which is essentially just a zip file.