Codea nominated for best app ever

This is exciting news I just heard on Twitter. Looks like Codea is in the list for best app ever:

Voting Categories

Please consider voting for it!

Your listed under innovative as well, may want to edit and add

And generative art

And young adults

Edit: I was wrong, you can vote for the same app in multiple categories

Did high school and young adults still seems recorded after refresh

College student…

Adult Ed…

Ah okay perhaps not then.

You can vote for the same app in two categories (and multiple apps in multiple categories). I was wrong about that.

Interesting - only two apps in the “best app ever” are not games - Codea and Flipboard.

On the other hand - I’ve often said Codea is my favorite meta-game. :slight_smile:

Hmm. I voted Codea for best app (and Planetary for “most innovative”, but only because you can’t vote the same app in two categories, and Planetary is very pretty).

But - this is bunk. Best social app doesn’t include TWITTER??? They’re on dope.

Well HECK! Back to the boards.

Bah. No twitter in “most useful” either. Really, thinking about it, “mobile safari” is the most useful…

Voted, and oh wow do they have many categories

And no “Plants vs. Zombies” either - hands down the app I’ve spent the most time on (and my wife and my kids). Best $3 I ever spent. (Codea is best $8 :slight_smile: )

What happens if you win @Simeon? I voted on all my 4 devices.

I don’t think anything happens, Codea just gets a bit of promotion.

voted on ally my devices - in all categories. ill get my whole family voting.

If Codea wins, they get ONE DAY where the tables are turned, and they can reject all of Apple’s socket code and project sharing. M00Hahahahahaaaa…

Sorry, had to.

Voted best app ever in all categories. :slight_smile:

Whatever the outcome of the voting the fact that Codea has been nominated is good. More people deserve to know how great this app is.