Codea needs restart 2nd time.

I don’t know if this is a problem, but it’s nothing major. If a program gets in an infinite loop and has to be stopped by closing the app, when Codea is restarted, it displays the startup screen for awhile and then closes. Restarting it the second time is OK. The easiest way to recreate this is with a “while 1 do end” statement in function setup().


I’m not actually sure what causes this but I have seen it with several apps after they crash. It’s almost seems like an iOS bug.

I might be wrong but it if you “kill” progam under iOS using the little “-” it actually stays alive for about 5 seconds. If you open it within that time it actually gets reopened befor it’s killed.
Try to wait like 5+ seconds befor starting again or kill codea using the kill command from terminal (JailBreak required) as it acts immediately and knows no mercy :wink: