Codea is best app ever in 2 subjects

Apperantky nobody else noticed, but Cidea won in these two sections for best app ever:

  1. Most Innovative App.
  2. Best Generative Art App.
    Yippee! If I missed Codea as the winner in a subject, please LMK. And congratulations TLL!

Thanks! I’m happy it won, sounds like there were a lot of votes cast in total.

This is fantastic! You should immediately add this award into the app store product description!

Also, call Nicole Rodriguez at to help you use this in some PR to boost sales. Tell her I sent you!


@alvelda thanks! I’ll get in touch with Nicole.

Congratulations, Simeon and crew! I agree with @alvelda, this can be of great advantage to boost sales

Hope apple notices this accomplishment :slight_smile:

Just a note that your own web site still says “nominated” for best app and includes a link (expired) for voting.

Thanks @Mark. Completely forgot to update it.

   Thanks @Mark. Completely forgot to update it.

And @Simeon (when you find the time…) the paragraph from the FAQ which begins:

  Can I draw text on the screen?

can be removed!

Thanks for this. Fixed the FAQ.