Codea is 61 in Top Grossing Apps (all categories) in US


Number 6 in the productivity category.

Wow! Congrats Two Lives Left!

Indeed! Worth every penny, even at the original price, even with apple shenanigans regarding sharing our projects. Frankly - I hope this is making you guys filthy rich, because it’ll keep you improving it :slight_smile:

^ This. (Though I firmly believe that neither fame nor the chance “to become filthy rich” trumps actually-loving–what-one-does as the best motivator.)

My long-term goal is to become so rich that third world countries hate me.

Being rich or famous (or both) doesn’t trump loving what you do - but man, it’s gotta help, right?

I don’t know. Money does help provide space and time. But I feel fame (at least in this day and age) is a form of misunderstanding… perhaps the worst.

Edit: But I’m crazy. Once again this is great news for Codea!

Now 53 overall and 5 in productivity nudging out some app called Numbers by some team called Apple. Anyone every heard of these app makers called Apple? They only have 3 stars on thier app, probably won’t be around much longer.

Wonderful! Is this recent/live data (attributable to the sale)?

Edit: Never paid attention before to the Appstore’s own metrics:

Codea is currently 81st 76th (overall) and 31st (in Productivity) on the Dutch appstore.

Edit2: Those figures are for the ‘Hit Lists’. Codea is not listed in the 200 ‘Top Grossing’ iPad apps on the Dutch appstore.

All I know is more money, in this case, is better than less money, or the app would be free. More bravo! I want this to succeed beyond their wildest dreams, because it will encourage twolivesleft (and others) to do more of the same, and I think self-hosted coding is vital. Big success may also convince apple that, just like we learned in kindergarten, sharing is good, and code is your friend. There is a false dichotomy today that says coding is some sort of hard thing - and it can be - but I think it’s like typing: everyone should learn basic minimal levels of competence in school, as routine. There are so many problems I solve in minutes that take non-coders hours, because they never learned how to really make use of a computer - iPad included.


How ironic… I find Codea one of my biggest productivity killers!

Oh - I certainly can “waste time” with Codea.

But as opposed to doing things by hand, Coding has saved me countless days or weeks. And Codea teaches people to code - time “wasted” learning a useful skill(or, frankly, playing) isn’t wasted.

True story - my first “real” for-pay coding job - which bought me my first ps-compatible computer - was moving data from a custom-written proprietary database to dbase III. They had started doing this by hand, retyping the data (Thomas Brothers map book grid coordinates). 1 month in by 1 person doing the job full time, and they were like 3% done, with unacceptable accuracy. They did the math, looked for help. I did the math, and I charged them $2000, and did it in a weekend, with perfect accuracy, by writing something in BASIC. Probably 8 hours of real work, mostly deciphering the old database’s format, plus maybe 4 hours of runtime to do the job.

Point being - in this world, stuff like Codea - GIANT net gain. (I suspect I could do that original job today in an hour or so)

TL;DR - play is good for you.

Congrats and Happy Holidays to the Codea Family.

Thanks everyone! The sale has definitely brought in a lot of new users.

What kind of volume are you seeing, and what is your typical non-sale volume?

This is the relative units sold per day, the final two days are when the discount started:

Codea Units

Though when Codea was initially released it had quite a bit of attention and sat at the #4 overall iPad app for a while. The sale seems to have been a success, thanks for convincing us to give it a try, @alvelda :slight_smile:

I’m hoping each horizontal line represents 1,000,000 sales, but I kinda doubt it, huh? :smiley:

Woohoo! That looks like more than a 50x increase in volume at 1/8th the ARPU. That’s over a 6x revenue increase! And that doesn’t even account for future volume increases through network effects. That’s fantastic!

The chart makes it looks like you should probably continue the sale till the volume drops to around ten times the original volume, and then return it to the pre-sale price. :smiley:

That would be assuming that there is an unlimited number of people that would purchase the app. If there IS a finite number, then by getting the word out (like they have) and having others purchase it regardless of the cost, they can maximize profits by ending the sale. I don’t think marketing/economics is nearly as simple as x*price.

Great Googly Moogley. That’s more users in a single day than your entire prior base, if I see that right.

The only issue would be saturating your market - and I suspect that’s far off.