Codea in Learn Lua for iOS Book (with GREAT chapter on Codea)

It’s a small word, and it’s scary to see the random places I’m running across Codea and its apps on the internet… Anyways, I just ran across the popular book “Learn Lua for iOS” book and noticed they have a section on Codea. Check it out here:
Edit: After purchasing the book and reading the Codea section, the book was WELL worth it for that section alone, not to mention the rest of the book.

Nice link. I consider buying it on your advice, because i see presentation of Löve and Moai in the book. However i dont want to subscribe to this safari lib.

@Jmv38 - There are many places to buy the book. Try Google Books:

Or amazon

@corneliuhoffman - That is true, but I didn’t see the Ebook form of the book on there.

I did buy the kindle one. Alas the book is not great. For example it does not mention meshes in the codea section. Also the Lua part is way worse than the free Lua manual. I don,t know the other frameworks to judge.

Hum! Thanks for your mitigated advice corneliuhoffman. I’ll way a little bit to read more advices.

@Corneliuhoffman and @Jmv38 - That is true, but you could write a book on Codea. This is a chapter that establishes a great basis for understanding in Codea for beginners.

Hey, neat - I’m a Safari Subscriber via my work. I’ll go look at it and provide a book report at some point. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Meh, don’t bother. I give it a D-, and that’s being kind.

I was wondering how they could incorporate Löve into a book called “Learn Lua for iOS Game Development” - and the answer is, they can’t. They talk about it on the desktop, and in what amounts to a basic API reference, cover a bunch of things that you can only do on the desktop - making that useless for iOS games.

Maybe the other chapters are better? Nope. All of them, including the Codea chapter, are basically API rehashes. There’s nothing here you won’t find just as good in random web tutorials, and precious little on iOS (and nothing, that I can see, on juicy things like making lua interface to the iOS APIs, other than by doing things like buying Corona). There is literally nothing here that is original, or terribly useful, other than being a basic reference to a bunch of stuff you can’t easily use for iOS programming.

So - maybe it’s at least got some good info on game programming? Things like pathfinding, BSP trees, and the like? Bupkis, nothing, nada. They don’t even cover any game or iOS-specific data structures (the word “tree” occurs ONCE).

It really looks like someone spent a week - no more - scouring and re-formatting the various API library documentation available, adding a paragraph or two of synopsis at the beginning and end, and put it in a book with keywords they expect will sell (and not including Apple’s APIs, because they knew they’d get sued - quite rightly). At no point is there much at all about Learning, or iOS, or even Lua - it’s just API references, and some sample code snippets swiped from the web.

Very disappointing.

Hey - TLL. Here’s an idea - take your in-app docs, and put them in the iBooks bookstore for a few bucks. I’ll buy it, and it’ll be a ton more useful than this book was. (it will also be the first, and likely last, thing I’ve bought or will buy from the apple bookstore…)

Here’s another idea - put an Amazon affiliate link to the Lua 5.1 reference manual (5.2 isn’t available yet, I checked) in your home page and FAQ, so people can give you and the lua project money, and get a much better manual than this, for significantly less than this book costs.

The guys over at Gideros wrote a book by having a Google Doc file and people sign up to edit it. I’ll start that.

I’m working on setting up the book for writing too. I hope to get it up before tomorrow.