Codea in Codea: a bit easier to import

There’s a very old thread by @Simeon called “Codea in Codea” ( and it’s pretty darn cool, it was a limited way to write live code right in a running Codea project, and see the results appear instantly on screen as you type.

That thread was closed for some reason, so if its not kosher to revive it like this, please let me know and I’ll get rid of it however I can, maybe just delete this text and change the thread title to “dumb thread with nothing interesting in it”, or whatever.

Anyway if it is okay to bring it back up again, I put all the old code in a gist, because it was apparently posted so long ago that pasting multiple tabs into a new project hadn’t been invented yet, so each tab was its own post, and it was rather laborious to assemble. So here’s the gist where you can get it all at once:

All I’ve done using it is a background(…) command and an ellipse(…) command, but it was darn cool to see the effects appear on screen right in front of me. Even though it’s old as heck, it’s kind of mind-blowing and I think it’ll still be of interest to lots of people.

That thread was just closed because it was old. Really happy to see it alive again, it was kind of cool!

This is great. The only thing that stopped me from getting it was the fact that I had to copy and paste each tab individually.

Yeah man, I f*&%n love it and massive love for posting a more well received repost, glad you did that. :slight_smile: