Codea in Apple's Most Recent Ad


You’ve got to be pretty observant, and I’m lucky I saw it, but I ran across Codea in Apple’s most recent ad:

If you go to half way through 0:52, you’ll clearly see the Codea IDE.

Just wanted to point that out,

How on earth did you spot that? I had to run it about ten times before I saw it. @-)

@Ignatz I just realized that @Simeon also tweeted it, but I’m always curious about what apps are featured, so I look closely. (Link to tweet:

Wow. I can’t believe you noticed that… Pretty awesome though.

Funny. The first time I watched that ad, I noticed it, but when I tried to find it again now, it took three tries.

@LaserGate_coder, again, very old discussion about a very old topic. Please check the dates!

That’s epic news! Shame it’s not on longer as its a great app!