Codea hangs the iPad.

Has anyone else run into this. When I exit a program and go back to the examples/project screen, the screen only partially displays and my iPad 1 is totally unresponsive, so I can’t close Codea or do anything else. I let it sit like that for awhile, but the screen still only shows part of the examples/project screen. I have to power down the iPad 1 and power it back up. This has happened 3 times so far over the past couple of months.

Hi Dave.
In the last week my ipad hung 2 times. The screen is ok but frozen. I had to turn the ipad off to rewake it up. It seemed to be link to codea usage, but not sure. It didnt happen before. Could it be a ‘last version’ problem? I have ipad1 also. I was wondering wether it was some kind of ‘programmed obsolescence’ gift from Banana? Or a new virus (i am jailbroken, so i dont know if this has opened the system to outside attack)?

I have an ipad 2. I’ve had it hang for a few moments when deleting test, curser moves but text does not. If i let it sit for a few seconds it catches up. I havent had any issues where an ipad reset was needed. I have had codea crash where i had to delete the task, reopen it, delete the task then on the third open it works fine. But that situation is rare.

Hello @briarfox i have what you describe too, but here @dave1707 is talking about a total hung from which he never recovers. That is something else, and you may have never experienced it.

I just had another total lockup of my iPad 1. It was loading a Codea program, the little spinner was going around, then the spinner stopped and I couldn’t do any of the normal stuff. No response at all. The only thing I could do was to hold down the button on the top right until the iPad powered down. It took about 20 seconds before it finally powered down.

No hang ups on my ipad 1 but it crashes somethimes. When I search the code of the provided ct source it crashs every second time. It freezes often but only for a couple of seconds.

Well its time to replace the old buddy - can’t wait for the new ipad :wink:

btw the only others app wich crashes on my ipad … is the appstore …

Yep! The Appstore crashes all the time on my ipad1. This app probably doesnt respect Apple gidelines. And the developper doesnt care about customer feedback. I wonder how it got accepted. Unbelievable… :wink: