Codea file format.

The app Pythonsta has a virtual file system and is able to have code opened in it directly. Would it be possible to make a file type called .coda or something similar that is just a zip file that contains the project files?

There use to be this feature, but Apple requested Codea to remove it, or get removed from the App Store. Now and days, they have loosened their standards, so I think they could add it again. That being said, many programs rely on images (and other assets when v2.0 comes around), so Simeon would pretty much be rewriting the code to include assets and such.
P.S. Next time you have a request, could you please put it all in one thread? Thank you!

Yep, .codea files - I still have some floating around, and code somewhere that hacked them to bits to get the juicy parts out. They were nice (and - I still think work in the betas, I don’t recall for sure, but if you can’t share, meh).

I’d suggest the Codea Community stuff (search for it on this board) has a lot of overlap with that functionality, and is well done. There are gaps - but there are also things it does that .codea files didn’t (like provide a browsable, hosted environment).

I guess I can google…

@Bortels - I think that Simeon eventually stopped bothering in betas to enable them.