Codea: episode 1...

Back to the origins!
@simeon why did you choose Lua for Codea?
There are plenty of script langages around (python, ruby,tcl…).i think you have a software engineering background, so i am sure there must be a reason for choosing his one. Would share the story with us?

Here’s my BS:
Codea was originally a prototype engine, so he wanted a language where we could have lots of power, while having the ability to code something really quickly. Lua is also very commonly used in games on top of an engine that was built by the company. That allows the developers to create things faster. My final peice of BS is that Lua is easy to interface with in C.

@Jmv38 I initially considered Python and Lua. Here are the reasons I chose Lua:

  • Lua is tiny and light weight, Python is a huge interpreter and set of libraries
  • Lua interacts with C very nicely, it’s easy to work with
  • Lua generally uses words instead of symbols (do, end vs. { }). I thought this would be easier to type on iPad’s software keyboard (and I’m not a huge fan of significant white space, as used in Python)
  • Lua is fast and has a garbage collector that works well with games that need to run at a consistent frame rate
  • Lua tends to be the language of choice for game logic scripting (World of Warcraft and so on)
  • I loved the Processing API (Java) but the language of löve2d (Lua). I wanted the combination of the two

Simeon - Interesting. I was wondering why you didn’t choose JS either, but now I know.

Thanks @Jmv38 great question, I had often thought abou it. @Simeon thanks for sharing! Good points.

@Simeon thanks for the info!


I for one am so glad they did not choose JS :slight_smile:

lua is just brilliant! I love this language from day one.