Codea Community

About that Application “Codea Community”

Has anybody got it? I mean one, which you can use. The code was somewhere, but it wasn’t working.

@TokOut Have you done a forum search on CC. I may be wrong, but it appears no one is using or maintaining it anymore.

I found this when I did a CC search.

November 2016

CC is broken, and its developers are no longer active.

So I guess you could say it is dead.

I found much, yes I know that it’s Brocken and do, but I mean it’s more a request to make a new. I’ll do a quick search now, but if I’m not wrong, CC had a way to communicate. Something like multiplayed. But anyway, searching now.

Can I get a look at the CC WebSite Files. Are they written in PHP? Are they also brocken? Maybe we can fix them together?

Hey guys, I could connect!


Edit: Nope it’s Brocken. The issue is in the PHPcodea: I could create this:

Another Edit: <== This seems not brocken

I know this thread is old, but I would be willing to help fix it. I have some experience in PHP and I am proficient at HTML. There were so many good projects on CC and they are all inaccessible now.