Codea Community Works?

I was able to get CC to work (correct me if I’m wrong) after fiddling around a bit. Is this how it’s supposed to look?
I attached some screenshots.

@em2 - yesh that is how it looks. Have you been able to download any of the projects?

@Bri_G The project download isn’t working yet. I’ll fix up the code…

Still working on it, but the wiki is available at
Unfortunately, the old version on Google Code is now unavailable, so this is the Web Archive version.

Project download works now.
Edit: It was because createProject used to be unavailable and you had to create blank projects before downloading before.

@Bri_G as a former CC user, would you like to help me fix up the app?

@em2 - I thought most of cc was on a web site. What exactly do you need, what is causing problems and where can I find the code now?

@Bri_G I’ll AutoGist it in a bit.

Gist Link

--# Main

--Codea Community Single Install
--Installer created by @Briarfox
--- This will pull the Codea Community project into Codea for you
-- Instructions:
-- * Create a new project in Codea named Codea Community If you chose another name please change the variable Below
--This is case sensitive
ProjectName = "Codea Community"
-- * Paste this into the Main (not from the raw view, as iSafari will escape special characters)
-- * Make sure there is a single tab in the project
-- * Run and wait for success!
-- If all went well, you should have a Codea Community project now

function setup()
    local jsonCode

function getJsonLib()
    local tabs = listProjectTabs()
    if #tabs == 1 then
        print("Attempting to load json...")
        local handleSuccess = function(data)
            --saveProjectTab("json", data)
            jsonCode = data
            --sound(SOUND_POWERUP, 42179)
            print("json code loaded...")
            if jsonCode then
                print("Attempting to pull project...")
                l = loadstring(jsonCode)
        http.request("", handleSuccess)

function GetProject()
    local projectCheck = listProjectTabs(ProjectName)
    if #projectCheck ~= 0 then
   local handleSuccess = function(data,i,j)
        local gist = json.decode(data)
        local projName = ProjectName
        if gist.files["1aTabOrder"] then
            print("***Tab Order Found***")
            local taborder = gist.files["1aTabOrder"].content
            local strStart =1
            local strEnd =0
            strStart = string.find(taborder,"#",strEnd)
            strEnd = string.find(taborder,"\
            while strStart do
                local tmp = string.sub(taborder,strStart+1,strEnd-1)
                local name = ProjectName..":"..tmp
                tmp = tmp..".lua"
                strStart = string.find(taborder,"#",strEnd)
                strEnd = string.find(taborder,"\
            for k,v in pairs(gist.files) do
                local name = ProjectName .. ":" .. string.gsub(k,".lua","")
                saveProjectTab(name, v.content)
        sound(SOUND_PICKUP, 11797)
    local handleFailure = function(data)
        sound(SOUND_EXPLODE, 32351)
    http.request("",handleSuccess, handleFailure)
            sound(SOUND_EXPLODE, 32351)
Project name incorrect! 
Please make sure the variable ProjectName = "your project" matches the project name.
This is case sensitive!]])

@em2 - downloaded, thanks for the update gist etc. Ran and downloaded a project which ran Ok on my system. What’s your problem?

@Bri_G I was wondering if any functionality is missing, and if project backup works.

Wait, so youve been able to restart CC? I thought that the host website had been completely shut down. Im glad to see people still messing with this, it was such a good feature.

@EvanDavis yes, CC seems to be working now. The only major error I found was that the old version pointed to the non-HTTPS site; it probably broke after migrated to HTTPS.