Codea Coder

Hi guys, I’m working on a Windows and Mac application that allows you to write, and play code from the computer. No Ipad needed. My question is since you will be able to export it to Codea, Windows, and Mac how I should stop people who haven’t bought it yet from using it.

Thanks, Prynok

@Prynok wow big project! Sounds cool! If you leave out the export of code then I’m sure people will grab the app. You may want to get TLL’s blessing though.

@Briarfox Great! How should I get a hold of them? I don’t have facebook or twitter.

Write a PM to Simeon…

@Ignatz I forgot about that!

Sounds really good, what language are you using?

C++, But with a lua wrapper, that way its easier for me to work with.

What we need is a web player for codea projects :slight_smile:

@Brairfox With the system I’m using, that’s possible, the only thing I’m afraid of is people not buying codea, to bad there is really no work around.

@Prynok Don’t forgtet that Codea is gold for rapid pototyping and coding everywhere. I prefer carry my ipad when I take the bus or do some garden coding :slight_smile:

Same here, but for me, when I’m at home and want to use Codea, I feel forced not to use Aircode, because there is no “suggestions” , sprite picker, or a reference. Those three things are key to me.

mhh, I know that. That’s why I’m building an external editor too.

Cool! What language is yours in?

I build it with node-webkit (html/javascript). But it’s more like air code since tou need Codea to be running in order to use it.

Fancy! I guess there is no reason to make my then, since your syncs with the Ipad, I will leave you be and let you finish your project, sir.

@Prynok Ho no no, don’t do that. It’s a toy project for me. don’t leave what you’re on ! that was just to talk :slight_smile:
Sorry, my english is not good, I hope that I haven’t say something that can be missunderstoud. And since you have annouced your app, I’m in the firsts who want to use it !

@toffer Your English is fine, better than most people I know!