Codea and Pythonista llinked in X-code

I have this idea to use functions that exists in Pythonista and not available in Codea.
So my thought is to export a script from Codea to X-code and do the same from Pythonista.
Put both of them in the same X-code project and let them interact.
This is possible with Codea and X-code native functions, so why not this way so one does not have to mess with X-code natively.
I have mentioned, a lot :slight_smile: , that I would like a direct udp listen function in my Codea app.
Now I have a simple script in Pythonista doing exactly that, but I do not want to translate my whole Codea project to Pythonista. Fear also that some speed in the graphics may be lost in the process.

Any thoughts on this and help to set it up ?

Re Peter

No help, but encouragements! Great idea!