Codea and battery

Does anyone know if codea pulls more on the battery? Is it the case when we use mesh? Or 3D?
If true, is there some way to save on the battery? Like using retained mode?
Sometimes i have the feeling that codea draw the battery even when there is no game running… Is there any way to know the power used by codea when idle? Or when running?
Many questions…

Interesting question this @Jmv38 - I did some tests a while back with running some of the 2D physics stuff (maybe 20+ colliding shapes etc) and the iPad got ‘very’ warm with a noticeable battery drain. Maybe it was just one of those things, but it wouldnt suprise me that the more processor intensive stuff does impact the battery.

I have seen Codea run the battery when the app is backgrounded. I tend to kill the app if I won’t be on it for a while.

@aciolino me too

I was using Codea almost non stop from 3pm this afternoon until 6pm, okay half the time I was messing with code and testing things and the other half it was idling while I was reading Ignatz’s Lua guide, but still it was running and not in the background and in that time my battery went from 95-96% down to 72% which is not bad at all really! (iPad2 32gb wifi)

I think it might be when we use things that call the graphics processor. Or intensive calc.

It’s also going to depend on how old the battery is and how many times it’s been charged. The older it get’s, the faster it’s going to discharge because it can’t hold the charge like a new battery.

I thought the new lithium batteries didn’t suffer from ‘memory effect’?

It’s not the memory effect, it’s just that they can be charged only so many times. After that they don’t work as well. A google search will give more info.

My recent reading on the latest battery information suggested that it is best to avoid letting your battery run down too low, ie don’t always run it down to single figures before you charge. But let it run down completely (and turn itself off) once a month so the iPad can recalibrate the battery meter.

And leaving a device plugged in after it has charged does it more harm than good apparently. That doesn’t mean you have to get up at 3am to unplug the charger, but don’t leave it plugged in for weeks.

I think I saw figures that the iPad battery life would reduce by 20% after 1000 charges, but I can be sure now. It probably varies according to iPad version and usage.