Codea air did not work

Hi can someone tell me how to connect to codea air with browser? Because i have tried it and the browser (google chrome) cannot connect to it.

You start up Air Code by pressing the Air Code symbol on the left side menu, open up your browser, type in all the numbers and periods it tells you to at the URL bar, and choose your project. Then you can go through the tabs and code, with your iPad updating live with every change you make.

The computer and the iPad have to be on the same WiFi network. It won’t work if your iPad is connected to 3G and your computer is connected to WiFi.

Sart Codea. Do NOT open a project. If you’re currently in a project, close it and go to the main menu.

Tap the button at the top-left corner of the screen. This pulls up a sidebar.

Tap Air Code

This gives you an IP address. You have to type that entire address into your browser, exactly as it’s shown there. For example, at home, mine says

If you don’t put in the :42000, you won’t connect to anything.

If your IP address starts with 10., you are probably on cellular or on a corporate network. If you’re using a corporate network, you’ll have to talk to a network administrator and find out if they block client to client communications.

If your IP address starts with 192.168. or 169.254, then you are on your home WiFi. If you’re not connecting, then you need to dig in to your PC’s firewall or your router’s configuration.

If you’re using a “guest” network, such as a coffee shop or something similar, they are often configured to block communication between clients. This is to prevent people from sniffing other users’ traffic or doing things like hijacking their Facebook sessions.

Thanks for the feedback, i still cannot connect to air code, can you show me how to bypass firewall on window 7?, i am using home network wifi

so you have verified that the IP address Codea gives you is a 192.168.x.x address?

What’s happening in the browser? Is it just sitting there for 30 seconds or so, then giving you the little sad-face “can’t connect” screen? You gotta give us a little more info here. =)

I tried using my dad home wifi and it did work. The first wifi i use was my own broadband internet, it just happen like you said, i enter the address and wait a minute and nothing happen it cannot connect to the server. Any idea why?

Not really… assuming your iPad can get out to the Internet on your home WiFi, then there’s no reason your comptuer and your iPad shouldn’t be able to talk to each other.

Is your PC wireless or wired? Sometimes, certain configurations will block the wired ports from seeing wireless devices.

If your PC is wired, does it plug in to the WiFi router or directly in to the modem? Some modems have built-in routers, and plugging the PC in to the modem puts your PC on a different network than the WiFi network. You need to plug the PC in to the WiFi router.

Actually, if your modem has multiple LAN ports, that means your modem has its own router built in. In that case, what you actually are supposed to do is disable the WiFi router’s DHCP and use the LAN port on your router to connect it to the modem. You need to do the same thing if you’re using 2 or more WiFi routers in your house to expand coverage.

My pc is wireless, okey thanks for your sugeestion i will try to configure my modem.