Codea Addiction

Every few years I pick up Codea again, and before I know it I find that I’m losing 90% of my work time to it for days and days.

It’s just so easy!

My real work is in Visual Studio, mostly Xamarin for iOS, and the build and load times aren’t horrible, but compared to Codea they’re decades–it’s just full-on addicting to be able to write code and see it run in milliseconds.

I like it because I can lay on my couch, draw some assets, and used them instantly in Codea

Great to hear you’re enjoying yourself! If you have any suggestions or bug reports please let me know too

I wish I had the skill to draw decent assets :slight_smile:

Drawing is a skill like any other, you can achieve moderate success after applying yourself for only a short time. Get a stylus, I use Apple Pencil, get procreate and start doodling away. It doesn’t take much to get some funky things to play with and you can start expanding your comfort zone.

yes. i have those. i think my drawing is too funky for my taste. more practice would help. :slight_smile:

You never know. Undertale has some of the less refined art work of most games (lol is that a nice way to say it?) yet is a beloved gem.