Codea 3.0 (106)

Hi @Simeon - unable to reproduce the text overlap, tried all the items on the Assets/Shaders etc menu but no joy. Will report on this if I can reproduce but a low boiler anyway.

@Simeon I’m seeing some weird things on my iPad Air when I open a project. When an existing project is opened, but before the project is displayed in the editor, I see part of a ghost project displayed for a fraction of a second. Different projects show different ghost, but they will repeat for each project. Since each project has its own unique ghost, it must have something to do with the project that’s being opened.

PS. I’m also seeing it on my iPad Pro. Sometimes there’s a lot of things in the text portion of the editor, but mostly you’ll see line numbers along the left edge of the screen.

@dave1707 is the ghost project you see the code of a different project, or the actual running project in the code editor?

Build 102 out with the following fixes:

  • Black screen issue should be resolved
  • Runtime now supports iPhone X
  • Tags and highlights in the code editor now word-wrap appropriately
  • Fixed bug where selecting a new sprite broke code editing

@Simeon It has nothing to do with the project I’m opening or any project that I’ve opened previously. I’ll try to get a picture of it. I’ll try doing a screen video and if that doesn’t work, I’ll do a video with my other iPad as I open a project.

@Simeon I was wrong, it does have something to do with the project I’m opening. I did a video with my other iPad and when I viewed it in slow motion, I could see some similarities. I have to leave right now, but I’ll post the video or pictures when I get back.

Been doing some very basic testing on an iPhone 7+ :slight_smile: and in the main it seems to work well, noticed that there are some issues with the project title and tabs overlapping on the shader lab, also the dialog box in the Cargo Bot example appears in the wrong place - but all in all VERY impressed that it works so smoothly. Particularly impressed with the ARKit demo :slight_smile:

CODEA ON MY FREAKIN’ PHONE!!! :slight_smile:

@Simeon The video and pictures were too big to post here, so I sent a video to your email.

PS. I have a clearer video if you need another one.

@Simeon I downloaded Codea version 102 and I don’t see the ghost projects on any of the projects that I opened. One thing I noticed was when a project first opens, the background has a grey color which then changes to a bright white. Is that intentional.

Wow! Haven’t touched Codea in years, but I’ve long been waiting for universal Codea :). First build is running much better than I expected.

I’m sure you’re aware of this, @Simeon, as you have an iPhone X, but the edges of the UI do not conform to safe area at all.

First bug I noticed: After going to the forums and then exiting, the settings panel is half out.

@JakAttak the main project browser and runtime should respect the iPhone X safe areas, the code editor hasn’t been updated yet though.

Thanks for letting me know about the settings panel bug. Does it happen consistently?

@dave1707 the grey to white is intentional I just don’t know why it wasn’t doing it before and is doing it now :\

@Simeon Codea crashes if I select assets, then the Documents folder, then tap +Add from photos. It does it on both my iPad Air and iPad Pro.

yes, the settings panel bug is consisentent. Here is a video:

it also shows another bug where after closing projects the main project browser no longer respects the safe area (watch the forums button)

Thanks @dave1707 fixed for next build

this one looks like a bug, but if it could be a feature that’d be great. otherwise, with the keyboard up on iPhone X in landscape, you’d only be able to see one or two lines of code.

another bug: color parameters crash Codea (trying to change them while running, not just having them)

@JakAttak what’s the bug in that screenshot?

Edit: thanks for reporting the colour parameter crash, will fix!

how is the keyboard supposed to be dismisst? I tried swyping it down, like in messages, but it didn‘t hide. Also the color picker ist cut off at the bottom… but thats minor issue…

@Simeon , is the keyboard not too short? normally I use Gboard and have iOS keyboard disabled but it popped up so I actually am not sure if that’s how the standard keyboard looks in landscape

@se24vad currently the editor hasn’t really been touched at all for iPhone support. The other two main parts of Codea (projects screen and runtime) do support iPhone.

I’m in the process of completely re-writing the code editor and I think swipe-down to dismiss will be necessary.

@JakAttak that’s how the standard keyboard looks in landscape — it’s pretty short!