Codea 3.0 (106)

This is pretty unfinished.

But universal is enabled and it will run on iPhone and in iPad’s split screen mode. But only the project browser screen has been rewritten to be capable of this without breaking. The rest is coming, but I thought we should release it now so you can see what’s happening.

Build 102 Changes:

  • Black screen issue should be resolved
  • Runtime now supports iPhone X
  • Tags and highlights in the code editor now word-wrap appropriately
  • Fixed bug where selecting a new sprite broke code editing

Build 103 Changes:

  • Craft spotlight rotation fix
  • Fix duplicate project functionality
  • Fix crash when Add from Photos is selected in Documents folder
  • Fix crash when using color parameter on iPhone
  • Update Multi Touch example code to check for touches cancelled

Build 104 Changes:

  • Restore paste into project functionality
  • Fix export panel on all devices
  • Fix issue where project navigator could become black / messed up when returning from editor

@Simeon thanks for the new Beta, any advice on which areas to concentrate on! Like the new resources menu, seems a little slow to respond to my touches.

@Simeon I don’t know if you’re after bugs yet, but after awhile I’m getting a black screen that doesn’t do anything. I can drag down the notification screen from the top and drag up the task bar from the bottom, but nothing from either side. It doesn’t let me do anything and the only way out is a force close of Codea. I’ve run into it twice, but not sure what I did. I’ll post a sequence to the screen ASAP.

@dave1707 I’ve hit that bug as well

@Bri_G do you mean the assets menu?

@Bri_G I’ve been in the assets menu and back out a few times. I think it might have something to do with split screen. Here’s some screen prints of other things I’ve run into.

Not sure where the screen prints went to. Here one of them. There were probably too many.

I think one of the times I hit a black screen was exiting the assets menu.

@Simeon @Bri_G Here’s how I can get a black screen in portrait mode or a partial black screen with some stars in landscape mode.

  1. Tap a project to open the editor.
  2. Close the editor.
  3. Tap assets to open the assets.
  4. Close the assets.
  5. ===== Black screen =====

Try rotating the iPad from landscape to portrait and back and different things show up.

@simeon, thanks for new beta.

I am unable to duplicate a project-it just makes a new empty project.

I also did not manage to change the spotlight direction! Could you provide an example code i must not be doing it correctly.

@Simeon I found another way to get a black screen.

  1. Tap a project to open the editor.
  2. Close the editor
  3. Tap the two lives left icon at the bottom middle of the screen
  4. Tap BACK to exit the screen
  5. ===== black screen =====

@Simeon Another problem.

  1. Tap Create New Project.
  2. A new screen opens to enter a name.
  3. Tapping the X to exit without creating a new project doesn’t work.
  4. The same thing happens when you Duplicate a project.

@Simeon While the Codea home screen is showing, swipe up from the bottom to bring up the task bar. Long pressing on the Codea icon in the task bar (I have Codea in the task bar) brings up a box with a list of current files that I have in the Files app.

PS. Actually, I can be anywhere when I long press on the Codea icon in the task bar to show the Files box.

PS. Long pressing the Codea icon in the task bar brings up a Files box in the 2.5.2 (99) release also.

@dave1707 brilliant thank you for all those steps, that’s really useful.

The files box is standard behaviour if your app declares support for the Files app (you’ll notice Codea shows up inside the iOS files app).

@piinthesky ah duplicate is probably a bug, thank you.

@Simeon the slow response issue is trivial, it is with the assets menu, it looks like you’ve added a shrinking animation to the buttons which delays the desired action. Also gentle taps fail you need a good positive touch to get the desired action.

On the black screen problem, I can confirm that it occurs and it also shows up on the Shaders asset when you try to return to the Assets menu.

The little button at the top left of the main screen that accesses the assets menu is retained on the right hand half of the assets page, but it doesn’t respond to a touch (other than shrinking) but any other touch on that right hand assets page closes the asset menu - is this intended?

@Simeon - I’ve noticed when you close the edit menu the edit page drops before closing, is this due to the icon bar at the top of the page?

I noticed the WiFi symbol and the Done text overlap at times in the top left hand corner.

On iPhone 6s

  1. Open (new) Project
  2. Go back to menu
  3. Open assets
  4. Hit close
    Everything stops working

on a iphone 6s the AR example has an issue. when one touches the horizontal grid the cubes do not appear.

@Bri_G oh right! The menu with Shader Lab, Assets, Air Code, and Reference. Yes I’m aware of that one and it drives me crazy too. Thanks for the report. Also yes the button should behave as a toggle rather than leaving the menu open.

On what screen do the WiFi text and “Done” button overlap? I’m not clear on which screen you’re referring to there.

@GR00G0 thanks that’s a bad bug :smiley:

@piinthesky I think I’ve noticed that too

@Simeon Here’s a minor bug in 3.0 and also 2.5.2 (99).

  1. tap on the gear icon in the upper right of the Codea screen.
  2. scroll to the bottom.
  3. tap the See What’s New button.
  4. in 3.0, the button just flashes and doesn’t do anything.
  5. in 2.5.2, it shows you What’s New, but the only way out is to close Codea.

@Simeon on iphone6s the hide keyboard button is missing. i had a case when the keyboard was active when the app was running.

Being able to easily run the code on the iphone to test the layout is fantastic. it is easy copy over the files via the icloud and the files app. the universal tools works well. pleasantly surpised to see how fast the fps is on my iphone6s compared to the ipad pro. Great job guys!

@piinthesky thanks! The next build should have the runtime / viewer area fixed for iPhone.

The tough part is going to be the editor. What row of keyboard keys would be important to you on the iPhone? Because we obviously can’t have everything that would fit on iPad.

I think the current array (on iPhone) is:

Tab, Undo, Arithmetic Symbols, Move Cursor, Parentheses, Quotes, Equality Symbols, Play

The “Move Cursor” one is kind of redundant on any iPhone with 3D touch, because you can hard-press the keyboard to do it.

Also we’re missing documentation and find/replace from that list.

@simeon maybe the hide keyboard could be a downward swipe gesture.
I did not know about the hard press for the cursor, so yes that could be removed.
For me the find/replace is important.
Maybe the tab could be moved to the options that appear when text is selected.