CODEA 2.1 project display suggestions

@Simeon I find the new project display a bit off putting:

I loved the old style because the search gave me a way to get to a project among the 100 or so I have.
(I keep lots of backups and modifications of samples but I can’t remember the names well enough for a blind search as is now required.)

May I suggest adding a list option similar to rthe Apple app standard swipe to get menu for open, duplicate, delete,etc.

If you can tell me how to get all the project names into a CODEA project, I can write up a demo

Plus I could use it in CODEA Enightenment.

When duplicating a project, the new name field is too short to show the whole name like it used to.
Please put icon above name field, not beside it and make name field wider.

How do you replace the default icon with a photo from the camera app?

Wish the examples were easier to get to - rember my large number of projects

Thanks for the great product