Codea 1.4.3 live in app store

Really liking the new additions, @Simeon. Font size, libraries, smooth scrolling… All awesome. Great work.

Thanks for the update.

Wow, that went through really fast!

Really digging this update, thanks so much guys. The new (awesome) example project was a very pleasant surprise. Project dependencies are a godsend, and all of the other little tweaks and fixes are icing on the cake!

edit: ah! I just noticed that you changed the behavior of the non-retina sprite sizing on retina screens! Nice! I was never sure if the original behavior was intended or not, but I am super happy to see this fixed! :slight_smile:

I love being able to highlight lines by using the line number gutter. That makes deleting single and multiple lines so much easier. Took a few times before I realized that the keyboard had to be showing before it worked.

love how you made the dark theme available for all. i love two lives left and simeon. also, when you said it was going into beta, never anticipated this fast of a turnaround. awesome update guys

One thing i don’t know why I cannot set the font size more bigger :frowning:

Other updates are cool, but I’m interested in font size (:expressionless:

Simeon, maybe you’ll solve the problem with font size [-O<

@Georgian you cant make the font size bigger than 20, i dont know why you would want to. i was just interested into making it smaller to fit more code in. making it bigger would mean more scrolling.

Visual problems, I don’t see well B-)

Sorry @Georgian, unfortunately when the font size is larger than 20 it causes issues with the syntax highlighting. So we had to limit it — I was disappointed we couldn’t allow a larger size too.

Edit: Have you tried using the accessibility mode on your iPad to zoom the screen? I’m not sure how well it works but it might be worth exploring.

Hi @Simeon,

Massive step forward in improving the editor wit dependencies, adds a more professional feel to the editor. Having played with the new features yet but am looking forward to using them.

Thanks for the improvements.



Thanks for the update. I really like the font size option. The previous given size is too small to my taste. Oh, and the included Cargo-Bot source code is really helpful. There are so many things to learn from. Thank you, TwoLivesLeft. :slight_smile:

you didn’t mention new sprites?!?!?!? omg thank you

I don’t see any documentation on where to set the font size options nor the dark background theme.

A little help would be appreciated.

On the main screen top right there is a settings “cog” button

Thanks @West. I found it now that you pointed it out. The new light skinned background makes it very hard to see on my screen.

Thanks for the update. The project dependencies are great, as I try to do all new functions as library which could be reusable. Now the next step would be to allow subfolders for projects, so we could sort the libraries :slight_smile:


I had the same problem. I spend a long time trying to find where to change the font size. I was just about to give up and post to the forum when I noticed the little gear in the upper right corner. It’s almost invisible on my iPad. A suggestion, @Simeon, make the gear a brighter color. I set my font to 14 so I can get as much on the screen as possible.

Good point about the hard-to-see gear. I will give it a stronger shadow in the next release.

(I know I can test this, but it’ll also be useful to have the answer in public …)

Are project dependencies recursive? If project X imports project Y, and project Y imports project Z, will project X also import project Z?

It only allows one-level of dependencies. So a dependent project will not include its dependencies.

So you can not have libraries which include libraries.