Code sharing and Apple

This does not bode well for easy ways to share Codea code:

Yes, I saw that earlier. Codea 1.1.2 has a similar feature, we should remove it. But given how long this update has been in review I am hesitant to go through the process again.

Another avenue to explore is to convince Apple that easily loading scripts is no problem IF Codea allows limited execution.

For instance in the present release, Lua code cannot communicate to the web, access any files other than Lua code in the project directory. The worst thing a script could do is an endless loop. Easy code sharing should not be an issue for this app.

In future versions where Codea may create pics or text the worst that can happen is taking up too much space. In no future version that has been discussed could a script rewrite itself. In no future version could a script alter the app itself or even the apps settings.

In future versions where Codea may be able to read texts or pics, it may be important to confine that access to the project directory for Lua but let the user move files manually via the app outside a script.

Similar to creating files, web access just has to be governed bandwidth wise.

Also in no future version that has been discussed could a script get into a state that would prevent the user from shutting down the app.

With all of those restrictions it makes it very similar to automatically loading of pictures and js scripts (that Bortels mentioned).

By implementing all of perl they may have created a tool that was too powerful which allows things like macro viruses to be created.

Another way to approach it not to call scripts scripts. It’s a danger word. Call it the ability to load sandboxed projects or something. They are sandboxed and as long as the sandbox is preserved and you stay away from the s word, it may make things easier.

I know - have an in-app purchase for scripts that can be downloaded! That way, Apple will be happy because they are getting 30 percent of the amount bought.


Actually, the in-app purchase idea isn’t a bad one at all. It could lead to a code marketplace where most code could be free, but some libraries or projects could be assigned a price if the author wanted.

Right now, I think the sandbox nature of Codea should mean that the email feature is safe. Python scripts can launch apps and take action at a system level. We’re pretty walled off from that functionality.