Code for a fps camera

Im new to codea and lua ( and processing) but i am an experienced c++ programmer (and now I’m porting my games to the iPad:)). Im rewriting one of the games (it allows the user to become familiarized with programming through the use of a c++ shell who’s code is then integrated into the games code(actually a compiler which inserts it into the gamecode compiles and executing while resuming the screen) I already have the game made( programmed it many years ago) and I am using Codea (from c++ to lua) to port it to the iPad. So far I have the fps camera, it has 2 files, the level and the game mechanics. By the way, it works by moving/rotating the world around a statanary camera. Anyway hear is the code:


-Nicholas may lag If you have an iPad 1
P.p.s. I will probably post up source for shell in a few days
P.p.p.s Any reccomendations would be appreciated
P.p.p.p.s sorry if I posted this in the wrong location

I am very interested in seeing how you create the shell interface. I have been working on a shell myself lately with limited success.

Nice start to a FPS, by the way.