Code, and movie, with the beta: Anagrams

(I’m putting this in the beta category since it uses beta features, but I’m quite happy for it to be moved to Code Sharing if that would be more appropriate. Moreover, if anyone wants to upload the video to somewhere reasonable, feel free.)

I’ve reworked my Anagram program to use the new font features: scroll down to the bottom of to see. It wasn’t too hard to adapt my Font class so that one could pass it either the name (and size) of a built-in font or one of my original bitmaps, so it would still be possible to use custom fonts if so desired. The inbuilt ones just look nicer (though not many have an a how I wanted it!). I’m also quite fond of the firework effect!

There’s a movie, made with the recording feature, for those that don’t want to bother downloading the code. I like the red border for when in “record mode”. Not too showy, but clear.

(Oh, and I have a check to ensure that the random order doesn’t end up with the word in the same order as before, but I should also put in a check that it doesn’t end up with a “bad” word - so apologies if you get the wrong anagram for “this”.)

That looks amazing @Andrew

Could we add this as an example project? I’ve been trying to think of an example that shows off the new text functions, your anagram game is perfect. (Also I love anagram games.)

Edit: Thanks for posting this under “Beta” - I’ll leave this as a beta thread until we submit the final version of 1.3 and do an official feature list.

It’s fine by me, but the firework stuff was originally from someone else (and my modifications are minor). I’ve (formally) asked for permission to use the code in another thread (which bumped it to the front page). I posted the video on that thread as I wanted to show what I was using it for - feel free to edit it out if you would like to keep beta stuff lower key (let me know if you don’t want me to post code developed in beta on my webpage).

The words are a bit simple, I know. They’re a bit simple even for my daughter, but one great thing about Codea is, of course, that anyone can edit in their own word list and so make it appropriate for their own kids. I should make it so that the word list can be easily hidden. The other obvious improvement is to make the letter moving a little less sensitive. If you are slow when moving it then there is often a time on the boundary where it “jumps” back and forth (I think you can see that in the movie). It’s won’t be hard to fix, but I’m just a bit lazy!

I have a hangman game as well, which would use the keyboard (at the moment it uses a custom keyboard - and I’ll keep that as an option - but it would be really easy to adapt it to use the iPad keyboard and would make really good use of the keyboard(key) function as it works one key at a time). It needs adapting to beta code, though (my kids prefer the anagram game which is why I picked that as my first serious adaptation).