classic shooter made with codea


I’m new here so this is also my presentation… A week ago I decided to try Codea (and Lua) and play a little with it but I like it that much that I decided to make a videogame with it. I may say that this is also a final project for a subject (called videogames, btw) of my university.

The game is not that impressive (and I didn’t dedicated the amount of hours I would…) but this is also my first game (not only with Codea). The main idea is to avoid enemies and tap them so you can eliminate them or remove their protection (if you have the same color in the indicator). You can also erase clouds by draging them and there are some objects like a shield, hearts and a multiple colored star that leds you remove any protection during a time.

I uploaded a video:

I would like to know also if there is any way to put music on the games using Codea, that would be very nice :smiley:

And congratulations to Simeon, he made a very nice job!

PS: sorry if my english is not that good… #:-s

A defensive shooter where the main ship doesn’t really shoot … interesting. Anyway, I can’t believe that this is your very first game done in less hours than you wished you had invested. Carry on, this is great.

Codea doesn’t have a straight music interface, it’s better suited for sound effects. Some efforts have been made to play music (e.g. here:, so you may want to take a look at it or wait for the guys who know more about it.