Classic console based lua interpreter

A priority for us should be getting a live lua console interpreter working.

First: why?

Second: loadstring()

There’s one in the project run environment. It’s just a bit small, you can redirect the output for the console print and errors if you want a bigger more visual console.

As @Luatee said, there already is one.

Regardless, there are MUCH higher priorities than this.

There is also LuaForWindows…

Shudder Windows…

I ask this because I don’t have access to a computer and I can only code on an iPad.

@scj642 Have you tried using the console? If you wanted to you could easily create a full screen console.

@scj643 I’m not quite sure what you’re after, but I also program on the iPad only. I have no trouble with the keyboard, or the display. I code in portrait mode because the keyboard is smaller and more of the code is shown above it. It would be nice when a program is running that the graphic screen could be slid all the way to the side to display a whole print screen, but the small print area is good enough.

@scj643 - I also program only on my iPad, and that has been fine.

What is your specific problem?

My problem is to have a console like environment like the one found in computercraft because I want to port console apps to Codea. Also to have a bigger console. I am new to lua as we’ll.

Not to be mean, but just because you want a bigger console doesn’t mean that it is practical, or a good use of dev time. The current one works fine as a console for printing and running code.

@JakAttak it’s a good starter project though! I agree I never needed anything more than whats there.

@scj643 the real question is, what do you want the console to be able to do…?

@stevon8ter I believe colored output, changing messages, and user input.

We have user input.

@JakAttak Traditional console user input.

You could make all this with a custom console.

I believe there are a few projects like this on the forums. If you want a full screen console just hook print and display it on the main screen and color it however you see fit.