Change in physics body (categories & mask)?

Hello all,

I had set aside a project for a few months and came back to it after the update to 2.0. I’m trying to figure out a change that has made my project act much differently after that update.

The change has to do with physics bodies collisions. I had a number of multi-polygon entities on screen that were not supposed to collide with each other. I had coded each polygon as having categories = {1} and mask={0}, and this was behaving exactly as intended. But after the update, the bodies are all colliding without any other change to my code. The same is true with multiple saved different versions of my code. This seems to be the only changed behavior I see.

So before I share any code to look through, are there any known changes to how categories and masks behave that I missed?

Ok, this is interesting. I just changed the categories value to {2} and everything is working. Not sure why this should be different… might be something else in my code. I’ll update if I figure out anything useful.

I think the mask categories changed from 1-16 to 0-15 but I’m not sure why that would affect it.