cargobot in codea returns error? (Solved! Problem: Old version of codea)

I Tried to copy the error script for -- Smoke.lua. So I touched (in the game-tutorial), and I moved the first block. Then I moved the second on the first block. The first block was removed (with some smoke…) and then the error Is returned

Sorry, this should be resolved in 2.3.2 but you will need to restore the example projects to get the fix. (Note that if you restore example projects you will lose any modifications you have made to the examples.)

@TokOut that error sounds like the project restore didn’t happen — are you perhaps not using the latest version of Codea? It should be 2.3.2, you can update via the App Store.

We developed Codea with lots of errors, and bugs, and problems :smile:. Lucky most of them are fixed now.

But after I restored the project It returned error

Smoke lua 26 - bad argument to #1 'random' number has no integer representation

@Simeon I couldn’t copy the error message, so I made an text and a button with pasteboard of the text parameter. Can you please add the ability to copy error messages by holding on them! Lol posted this text in 45 seconds.

And an interesting question, I know that creating much posts is not allowed, but: If there is an issue, that scripts return errors, how did you developed codea with these errors?

@TokOut Did you make any changes to the smoke code. I moved a block to cause the smoke and there were no errors.

@Simeon, I updated the Codea App, but CargoBot still returns error now some like with [C] and with setmetatable… It doesn’t work, why?

Edit: It works, yay!