Can't scroll the "Create new topic page" so I can't see the input

I mean the Codea + logo

If reporting a UI bug it would be better to include some more info as to device type, os version, a rough guide as to how many projects you have, how easy it is to replicate the bug etc etc.

Also have you tried quitting the app (double tap home and swipe to close the app) and trying again?

Are you saying you can’t scroll at all or you can scroll but you can’t scroll to the very top. The better your description of the problem you’re having the easier it is to figure out what’s happening. I have 500 projects and don’t have any problems scrolling to the top or bottom. When you first start Codea does it show the top of the project page or how far into your list does it start. Can you show a picture of it.

Sorry, but in @TokOut 's case, it’s “pics or it didn’t happen”.

I mean when I create a new topic; the message text - I can’t see it, I can’t scroll to check my spelling when creating a new topic

@TokOut When I open a new discussion and get my page to look like your picture, I don’t have a problem scrolling up/down. What happens when you turn your iPad in portrait mode.

What portrait mode? And off topic: when I use the buttons in display ode standard to leave the project, can they be not disabled but moved to another position?

@TokOut this is a feature we added to stop people from starting hundreds of threads every month >:)

Which feature?
Edit: ohhhhhh… But then in my topics will by typos :smiley:
Another Edit: @yojimbo2000, is it happening only for me?
Another Edit: What is portrait mode, and can you move the buttons to another position, and why can’t I use Apple emoji in my messages? Here are 6: I can’t see only two: 9???

@TokOut When I said portrait mode, I meant portrait orientation on the iPad. That gives you more screen space up/down when the keyboard is showing.

I have the same problem. Ocasionally when trying to write a message the keyboard pops over the textfield and the page refuses to scroll (as if it doesn’t know the virtual keyboard came up, blocking the view). Usually after quite a bit of zooming, fiddling and trying things it solves itself, but it can be quite annoying.

You can try pressing the fullscreen button in the top right of the textfield to make it fullscreen. This at least allows you to see what you’re writing.


iPad Mini