Can't paste into project ?

I’m totally new to Codea (just downloaded) and am naturally after tutorials and online resources. Now, everywhere I go I read that I can copy source code and then “paste into the project” by touching and holding down the NEW PROJECT button. Just, it doesn’t happen. I can touch and hold as long as I want, no context menu ever appears.
Am I doing things wrongly or is the information (everywhere) outdated ??

@Bejoscha It’s not you. In order for the Paste into Project to work, the code has to have a --# Main or --# tabname at the beginning of each tab. Then when the project is pasted, a tab will be created based on the --# Name. Normally users will just copy the code, create a new project and paste the code into that project because the code isn’t that large or have a lot of tabs. As for tutorials, look at the Wiki link at the top of this page. There a lot of info there that will take you to other info.

Also look at this link if it’s not in the Wiki.

@dave1707 Thanks a lot, yes that did the trick! (Although copy-pasting the whole of the step-by-step project is rather painful with the iPad. I’m missing a a quick “select all” when browsing from the Codea client to the final example page.)

In any case, I think this information about the first line should be added to the Wiki - it would have saved me some frustration to know it

@Bejoscha There’s a lot of things you’re going to learn from the forum. It just takes time.f

@Bejoscha I might disable the limitation around what’s in your clipboard and allow the pasting of any text into a new project. At the moment the --# syntax tells Codea what tabs to create (and it’s also the format that comes out when you copy a project to clipboard from its export options)

@Simeon: Yes, think that might be a good idea. Pasting larger bits of code (only main tab) is likely what some new users will be. If they are THEN educated on the tab syntax, it makes more sense. Most importantly, however: Before any coding, update the documentation! I’ve the feeling there is lot of really good stuff already done/available but not yet clearly visible to new beginners. Not all are patient enough to look for things until the first “hurdle” of getting into it is passed. Would be a shame to loose those people.