Can't change profile picture for


first things first:

While I’m new to this forum (but developing with Codea since a year in my spare time), I like to say thanks to all the contributors I learned from. You’re awesome.

About my question:
Finally I signed into but can’t change the profile picture.
I tried several times to upload my personal pic (256 x 256, png, 47kb) but had no success, neither with Safari (9.0.2 and below) nor Firefox(43.0.4). It just shows a broken image. (Also tried with disabling any script-blockers like ABP, NoScript, Ghostery)

Any thoughts?

Thanks and have a nice day,


Welcome to the forums

@TokOut: Thanks for your friendly welcome.

@HeiKoDea, top right on the start screen a settings button. Click it, and scroll a bit down. There are pictures you can set the background to.

Edit: For the welcome message. I just want to steal @yojimbo2000 's job. Or @Ignatz 's, I love stealing a mods job

Well, thanks for your answer but I don’t understand anything.
There’s an “upload your profile picture” option inside account options but it doesn’t upload/show the picture.
What “top right on the start screen a settings button. Click it, and scroll a bit down. There are pictures you can set the background to.” means, goes behind my abilities.

Thanks for taking your time,


Not that it destroys my life to not have a profile picture here, but is there any competent server-admin who has an explanation what maybe I have done wrong?



PS: Wonder that obviously I’m the only one. I’m not only driving servers in my bizz…

You’re not the only one. I can’t create a profile picture either.

If you hover your mouse over the current profile picture, you should get a popup option to change picture. Click it and you get to browse for a picture.

@Simeon Is there something wrong with creating/changing the profile picture.

@dave1707 - did my suggestion not work?

@Ignatz I’m on my iPad, no mouse to hover.

go on your PC, then!

Too much trouble. I’d have to get off the couch. A picture isn’t that important.


Perfect cartoon. You should be able to change your profile picture from the iPad, but it doesn’t work. I’m not interested in changing my picture, but @HeiKoDea said he couldn’t, so I tried. I couldn’t get it to work either.

Yes, but as I said, while Codea is optimised for iPad, Vanilla is not.

Maybe you will just have to stand up someday (if it’s not too much trouble).

If something is written to be used on the iPad, it should work on the iPad. If an option doesn’t work, it should be disabled until it does work. Anyways, I stand up a lot. Somebody has to get the snacks.

Holy cow, I’m not alone…
Missed what happened here but finally got to sleep.
See you guys!


@Ignatz I tried changing the profile picture on my PC. The same thing happened on my PC as on the iPad, nothing. I still have a blank picture.