Can we use the wiki? [ANSWERED - YES]

While taking a look at the issue tracker I noticed that there was also a public wiki. Can we use it? (I know it’s public, but the Codea team might have a particular use intended for it so I don’t want to mess up something they’ve got planned.)

There are already several hints and tips buried in forum discussions that could do with polishing and putting somewhere easily findable. Also a few related HowTos, and as Codea gets more well-known these will only increase.

Forums are great for discussions and for asking and answering questions, but they aren’t so good at finding stuff that has already been asked or discussed, and it’s often difficult to follow an old conversation and distil all the good bits out of it. So a wiki would be a great addition - I was thinking of asking for one anyway when I noticed this one already linked to the project.

Yes, please feel free to edit the wiki! We made it public for that reason.