Can I use Codea to build a Legend of Zelda type game?

I just discovered Codea today? since I’m a programming novice I was wondering if Codea can be used to make a legend of Zelda type game. I want to make a game and put it on the App Store. what games can I look at that are great examples that have been made with Codea?

@CodeaNoob Do you mind sharing your example? I would be interested to see what it looks like. If not, I completely understand.

Here’s a very simple start on such a game. I was working on it some months ago, but got involved on other projects. The code is linked in this thread.

@RadarG, I have a very limited Zelda type game example if you need a little help. PM me if you need it

Look at the top item on the discussion topics for an idea of what you can do with Codea.

Let’s see - Zelda is described as “a mixture of puzzles, action, adventure/battle gameplay, exploration, and questing”. Wow, you aren’t asking for much! Codea can do this stuff, but it is not at all easy, and impossible for a novice.

If you want to make a reasonable quality game with even some of these features, I suggest you need to develop solid programming skills, and put off trying to copy Zelda for quite a few months while you are doing that. Do all the tutorials you can, and build your skills with much simpler projects.

But while it is not going to be at all easy, I think Codea is still one of the best (and most fun) ways to learn graphics programming. Just be patient.

When (or if) you decide to do this, Try lokking at @Slashin8ter’s RPGMaker Project(look it up in the search box) and try that out

What @Ignatz said

I was going to suggest what @CodeaNoob said

And personally, I would like to see a Zelda programmed with Codea :wink:

I think to save yourself the disppointment, the answer is no. Codea is really good but no, it’s not possible to write a Zelda type of game with it.

You can make simple tilt games, simple puzzle games and stuff like that, but Zelda is out of reach for even the top experts here, let alone newbies like you and me. I’ve been using codea about 5 months now and still can’t really make something as simple as a breakout game. But keep practising, you can make fun little Mini games with it. :slight_smile:

Paul, I think he was talking about the 2D zelda games :slight_smile:

@Paul123 Codea can do that… There are many Codea games on the App Store, and @Ignatz has made 3D towns, forests, lighting, etc. as simple tutorials.

And there might just be a new Rigging class coming out soon… hint hint

I’d say its doable but you need to take time to learn Lua and codea. Start small.

Start small and keep building. First, put a sprite on the screen and move it around. Then, build a tiled background. Add monsters and NPCs. Finally, add whats needed to make a Rogue-like game. Now, you’re half way (almost :slight_smile: ) there to the original Zelda.