Can I import a project into a project?

I’m looking for a way to run another project from within a project. This is for version controlling my project. Instead of having to switch project whenever i want to update my git I’d like to just uncomment out a section of code and have codea run that code instead of my current project. Is this possible? I’ve seen import() used but I cant seem to get it working.

You can tap the little [+] sign in the top, right corner and add projects you want to use (with their classes). Then just calling its classes and methods. ?..

Thanks, but thats not really what I want to accomplish. I want to import a project and execute all the code. It looks like this was added to the LuaSandbox and I must have not unlocked it.

Is there some documentation about LuaSandbox? Seldom heard of it…

Its talked about in here:
here is the file: