CAMERA not available in xCode

A few weeks ago, I was working with my app and I noticed that when I checked for the camera, it would give me a Signal SIGABRT because the connection was cut off. I of course took the camera off my app, but I’m just curious if it’s possible to access the camera outside of Codea. @Simeon Do you know why this is happening?

Have you added permission to access the camera in the project’s Info.plist? This has changed a lot recently, eg in iOS 10. The relevant string is something like Privacy - camera usage description. In Xcode, if you don’t see that string in the project-level info.plist, press plus in the plist viewer and select it from the dropdown menu, then type in what your app needs the camera for. This text will display in the modal that appears asking the user whether they want to grant access.

@yojimbo2000 I actually did update my info.plist, anything else?