Calling iOS API


Is there a way to link to an external iOS library written in Objective-C ?


Yes. For examples, look at my thread called “Objective C Add Ons”.

Right here:

@Zoyt, you don’t have an AddOn InApp Purchase for iOS7 ?


@Diablo76 - I have made one, but haven’t shared it. However, if you search the forums, there is a version that aren’t as powerful and up to date as mine.


It seems you cannot block long running function calls.

There appears to be no threading mechanism either. So is there a central event polling loop within the Lua runtime to poll for results of long running functions?

@Lionking - I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to achieve. Can you send an example?

Zoyt, I will work on a sample and present it later. I will investigate your code libraries too. I looks very good. Appreciate your sharing.

@Zoyt, Yes I understand , thank you for your answer.

@Diablo76 - I’ll try and release my version this weekend. Feel free to remind me.