call back function for individual tween in tween.path

Is there any way in the tween.path function to specify both an individual tween callback function and an overall callback function? I ask because I have a tween.path, and I need specific things to happen after each tween is done, but I also need a different function to be called after the whole path is done. As far as I’ve discovered, the only callback function available is for the whole tween path, and not for each individual tween. Thanks in advance!

.@edat44 tween.path is not constructed of multiple Tweens. It is simply a single tween that uses a spline function to interpolate a value between multiple points. So there is only a single callback available at the end of the tween.

Another thing, after the tween path is finished, the callback function makes a new path of tweens for the object. This works just fine, however at the beginning of each path, before it starts, it jumps to the position of the first tween of the path, rather than smoothly transitioning there. Is this a bug, or am I just doing something wrong?