Buttons in a 3D project

Is there anyway to make buttons on a 3D project?

Tell me if you know how thank you.


@Ignatz does this tell me how to make buttons on a 3D screen?

@TeamSuperCraft It tells you how to draw text on the screen in a 3D project. Isn’t that all you need to know?

@SkyTheCoder yes but I’m not sure if it will help me with making buttons on a 3D screen I all ready have images on a 3D screen just need to know about buttons

buttons ARE images

@Ignats omg I think I know how to make a button now. Thanks

@Ignatz I still don’t know how to create buttons on a 3D project and is there any way to connect it to camera

Do you know how to create buttons on a 2D project?

If not, start there

Same thing as in a 2d project, except after you draw everything 3d, write this


and then that returns everything to normal so you can do 2d drawing.

Also, I just made a 3d project with buttons if you want to check it out here: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/c6deaf507d43594ab6b3 Please, if you are going to use it, at least give me credit. Thanks! :smiley:

@Ignatz yes I do :slight_smile:

@TeamSuperCraft well then, it’s exactly the same, just do as @TheSolderKing said after drawing everything in 3D